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BTTerminal Pro – Released!

I am happy to announce that BTTerminal Pro version is released. Version is paid with trial. Trial limitations will be based on usage – you can send or receive about 20 lines of data each day with full BTTerminalPro features without any limits. Crossing limit will start changing text you receiving or sending into trial warning.

Installation can be find here

So, as long as you are not using Pro version on pro level (few commands in day), you can use it freely without paid. Also I believe that this will allow you to test all new Pro features before you decide to pay for them.

Here is first short list of new features and few new screenshots. This page will be changed in some type of manual for new settings as they are much extensive against free version.

New features :

- device level settings – you can have different settings for each device (include different keyboard or initial command which is sent to device after connection)

- device pin to start – then you can easily connect to your device from start screen

- Keyboards – standard keyboard is available along with robotic 3×3 keyboard. On this keyboard you can select button caption and also button command (can be longer than one character) and also button behavior – repeating buttons sending their commands as you touching them (you can slide over keyboard to drive robot) or can be in Click mode for one time send (good for Fire like commands :-) ). Also combination of 3×3 and line is available

- Escape text – you can use standard “C” escapes like \n and also \xFF to send binary values which are not possible to type on keyboard. Escaping also work in opposite way to display hex values received over BT

- Different color for received and sent text to better display orientation

- couple of bug fixes and improvements which will be included also in free BTTerminal soon


BT Terminal Pro – development in progress

I started work on Pro version of BTTerminal. This version will be paid with similar price tag as cheap Arduino Pro Mini clone :-D

What are planned features :

- sending non ascii characters into device with simple escapes like \r \n and also full \xFF escape characters

- devices can be pinned to desktop so you can connect to device with one touch on Tile

- saved devices will have capability to send initial pack of characters to device (like two times CRLF to switch into command line mode and so)

- robot control keyboard – instead of standard keyboard can be robo keyboard activated. 3×3 buttons keyboard will be displayed with capability to remap codes sent by terminal to robot. Also you can say which button is visible or not. Feature can be used to drive robot with arrow buttons and fire Nerf mounted weapon with middle button :-) Or just send another 9 codes into device with fast access and without typing codes.

- Universal App version will be available soon – will run on WP 8.1. and Win8.1 (pay once, run on both) with additional features delivered with new SDK, including Cortana integration so you will be able start your communication with voice command. This version will be released after WP8.0 Pro version.

Original version of BT Terminal stays free and without 3rd party ads. I will put there only small, not disturbing ad to BT Terminal Pro.


Let me know what do you think or what do you want to add into app.


Application Icon

BT Terminal for Windows Phone 8

BT Terminal application for Windows Phone was released day ago. You can install it from MS Store

Application is free and doesn’t contains advertisement (well, thanks to MS for new, friendly price for developer registration).

Features supported in first version :

  • SPP (Serial Port Profile) devices support. Device must be paired with phone before terminal usage
  • Communication can be sent by email
  • Portrait/Landscape mode supported

Available optional settings :

  • Nothing/CR/LF/CR+LF can be added as end of line
  • Small/Medium/Big font size
  • Local Echo
  • Word Wrap
  • Time Stamp
  • Monospaced Font


And here is couple of screenshots :